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The crowning with thorns

The Rosary is both meditation and supplication. Insistent prayer to the Mother of God is based on confidence that her maternal intercession can obtain all things from the heart of her Son. (John Paul II, "Rosarium Virginis Mariae", 16)

From the Gospel of St. John:

Pilate, then, took Jesus and had him scourged. And the soldiers, plaiting a crown of thorns, put it upon his head, and arrayed him in a purple cloak. And they kept coming to him and saying, "Hail, King of the Jews!" and striking him. (John 19:1-3) From St. Josemaría Escrivá:

Our King's eagerness for suffering has been fully satisfied! —They lead Our Lord to the courtyard of the palace, and there they call together their whole band (Mark 15:16). —The...

Saint Josemaría Escrivá
"I will never tire of repeating that we have to be contemplative souls in the midst of the world, who try to convert their work into prayer.”
SAINT JOSEMARÍA, Founder of Opus Dei