Like a Great Symphony

Liturgical year
Like a Great Symphony

An article on honoring the saints throughout the Church's liturgical year. "The Sacred Liturgy is a privileged place where we can grow in love for...

Celebrating Saint Josemaria in Dubai

Celebrating Saint Josemaria in Dubai

On Saint Josemaria's feast day, Masses are celebrated all over the world... the desert included. In a country that is officially Muslim, populated by...

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“A simple and normal testimony”

Many things, whether they be material, technical, economic, social, political or cultural, when left to themselves, or left in the hands of those who lack the light of the faith, become formidable obstacles to the supernatural life. They form a sort of closed shop which is hostile to the Church.

You, as a Christian and, perhaps, as a research worker, writer, scientist, politician or labourer, have the duty to sanctify those things. Remember that the whole universe - as the Apostle says - is groaning as in the pangs of labor, awaiting the liberation of the children of God. (Furrow, 311)

I have often spoken of it before, but let me insist once again on the naturalness and simplicity of St Joseph's life, which was in no way remote from that of his...

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